Friday, 23 December 2011

SPPBS and S/U?

omg i am officially becoming the s/u of sistem perlaksanaan pentaksiran berasaskan sekolah 2012 (SPPBS)..that promise me with extremely workload i guarantee!im not a person who likely to refuse or reluctant when i was given the responsibilities, in fact i'll do it at my very best and will make sure the best outcome of every single thing that i put an effort in.this is because i dont want people to downgraded me or being diminished beyond recognition but though i feel afraid to the very core of handling this big program. forget to explain that SPPBS is a new program implemented to standard 1 2011 and form 1 yr 2012. SPPBS is the replacement on PMR means no more PMR for this two batch for the very first start.i'll explain more on how PBS may work in next entry .many question might arise since this  is a new thing for malaysian education but overseas have done it long -long time ago.i personally think that is the best step ever taken by government by shifting to the new paradigm in education

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