Monday, 4 November 2013

Atiqullah on his covery

Alhamdulillah thanks to God Atiqullah currently in his recovery.i feel so ease n has been century of not having this kind of feeling.hopefully there is a bright day ahead await us

no more scar left but u can feel the rough skin once u touch his face.

look at the so rough n uneven texture of skin due to chronic eczema
the worst part n easy to bleed upon scratching due to epidermis thinning but its a lot more better than b4

Friday, 1 November 2013

upm in memory

guys..i miss those beautiful days with u in upm..

visiting beryls chocolate plant. from lef kham.eqin.fil.fizah n me in red dress

in polymer laboratory with my dear friend,la

at bus stop in front of kmr with filzah

in pedadogy class with ima, fil n in yellow

before off to high dinner 16th in green bj kurung

at petroscience with coursemate.from left were filzah,me,huda,aida n hanis

 in tutorial class presenting our group assignment. yana zana n reen

ketupat sotong

rendam beras pulut dlm santan.letak sikit garam.bila beras dah bengkak isi dlm sotong.panaskan dengan santan.bila beras dh masak letak nisan.yummy


 kek gulung pandan
 kristal jelly perisa strawberi
 tepung custard
 susu cair
 koktail buah

siakap stim halia

siakap perap dgn gula n garam

 sos tiram
 seasoning maggie
 bawang putih
 bwg besar
 lada benggala
 cili merah

puding roti laici

afraid this recepy would be gone once more again, decide to write all the recepies in my blog.actually i used to loss most of my recepies that hv been saved in my hp n books for several times this entry i want to share puding roti laici superb!!!!

 susu cair
 susu segar hl
roti bonanza
 laici tin
 gula 3/4 cawan
 telur 4 biji
 isean vanila
 *campur semua bakar 130° for an hour

 fruit salad

 epal merah&hijau
 lada benggala merah
 kacang tanah

atiqullah vs eczema

god has bestowed me with so many things in life.but what had happened recently seems God want to take it away from me.i believe that there must  e