Saturday, 27 October 2012

home progress

my home from the main door. should think of something to hide the dinning from the straight view of guest. u can straight away see the dinning n the kitchen once u push the main door.omg!

                                             the sliding door was taken from the dining. i choose this side in order to get the shade of afternoon. so that baby Atiqullah will play there with his friend.
 this picture was taken from the dinning hall.see the main door?on the right hand side was the master was about the size of living room.. really..think of build in down-light but not very sure the effectiveness since the ceiling of the house is quite high. any suggestion friend?
 this is my small sized kitchen, L-shape with 10' x 8' long..looking forward to buy kitchen cabinet using maica glossy with red colour. i doubt the black-tile concrete table top will match the color.i already surveyed a few places to get the quotation, the classic kitchen require $ 7k if i use the maica glossy material. will get another quotation from a craft, dapur idaman and total kitchen.n i personally think that the window is a bit low.afraid that the sink will not be up to my height.fuh sakit pinggang weh basuh dishes if sink rendah!
                                                    this is awesome, isnt it?

 the front look of my sweet home. its the only semiD house that affordable for me to buy. is it worth with $238 800 price?
my house will be painted with this color, i like. do u?cant wait..just really cant wait to get into the house...probably this coming january. hope so...

Friday, 24 August 2012

majlis berbuka puasa SMKGR

 hi guys..sorry for my long busy recently with SPPBS..biasala s/u kan.. huhu..guess which one is me?
there u little champion..Muhammad Atiqullah and his friend, danisha.. =)

untold feeling

 word alone could not express my sincere gratitude toward my student to receive these appreciation. just God know my feeling to read these simple notes. frankly speaking i felt a bit upset since i never got a chance to teach my option (chemistry /physic~as everybody knew that student who's taking both subject literally a good, well mannered student and having a certain target in their life). nevertheless,i was given amalan bahasa melayu or bm for remove..u know what removes is? it is PERALIHAN. i might say that i hv to used up all my will power n strength to control the whole bloody class apart from teaching them. most of them showed no interest in studying. just two or three who were seemingly want to pay an attention to my pathetic..but those three are the remedy for me to withstand all the years teaching..year 2012 promises me a good news since i was given a small opportunity to teach science form 2Arif (the first class). even science is closed to biology but there's still room for chemistry basically. i tried to put some effort in teaching them although i hv no experience in teaching form 2 science before, just need a little studying and some flash back to recall what i used to learn in my former school. i get a good feedback to start with since most of my student shows their interest in what i've been delivering in class..yet i think perhaps i just lost in my own world dreaming. once i receive this five notes from my beloved students, i can conclude that i've achieved my goals. there's no rewards for us, a teacher but to see their students willingness to learn and seeking knowledge. i hope someday i will become an extra-ordinary teacher which is full of vigor and tenacity, knowledgeable enough to inspire my students toward excellence. insyaAllah.
this notes was from my students named aina syahiera. she mentioned that she used to hated science but now she viewed science as a good platform for her to obtain A's in forthcoming PMR. i can see the determination from her very eyes. i must confess that she is a nice, hardworking, adorable girl and cute too!
 this is from zurina..the cute student in last group in my laboratory..she always jot given notes using pencil, perhaps she wants to redo it as her homework since i always asked my student to write faster and faster
 this one is from izryn, aina's best friend i guess coz both get along together. i admire izryn's brother, an excellent student who used to brought up our school name in SPM 2011 result..dear, u praised me a lot. teacher didn't deserved such appreciation but i promised to myself to always see my student needs and will always be there to help. hopefully i will forever be yr inspirational..u made me think of teacher hamidah ( physic teacher in SMSPP), pn. Norhayati (SKKS) Pn. Zuraidah (biology lecturer in KMJ) Prof Dr Mat Rofa (UPM) and Prof Zobir (Nanotechnology UPM) those name listed are my inspirational and contribute a lot to whom i am nowadays. thank you so and very much teachers for all yr help and guidance..i love you for true.

 this one from afiqah i guess..i notice this student that always nodded everytime i tell any extra information in sweet..guys her father name Lim..probably she was mix.
this one i think from nasuha since she hasn't stated the name, i can noticed it via her hand writing style..neat and cute writing indeed. i love the way she praise me hehehe =) go nasuha go!!p/s ny name is not sosilawati..that name is belong to nash-exwife.huhu

Monday, 21 May 2012

life is so meaningful

i must admit that without u my dear darling husband and little atiqullah,ummi really cant go on with the life.
                                                                at taman gelora

                                               i admire you of being so inquisitive, adorable and so lovable..

                                  your smile, and your strong affection towards me,indeed  regaining my strength
                                                         you are my everything

Atiqullah anak harapan ummi,jadilah anak yg soleh dan taat dan kelak mendoakan kesejahteraan ummi dan abah..

we love you so and very much......
soon u raise and read this writing, the diary of my soul, my hope ummi and abah  are forever love you..from the very bottom of our heart ...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

home progress

nothing much about my home progress since the pemaju just focused on the first front row of the house lot..but a few changes seems to have on my own house now..the entrance and the wall just about to are the outlook of the front row of the house..cant wait cant wait just really cant wait to be in my own house..
                                                    the semiD house from inside of my car
                                                                    the front
                                                                the dining
                                                            the living room and car porch from inside
                                                                  the kitchen entrance
                                                   the sliding door right hand side of living room
                                                                    bathroom in master bedroom
                                                           the small sized kitchen
                                         the cabinet should be here,and the sink must be next to the window
    much the price of cabinet? concrete cabinet. granite or solid surface table top/ just heavy duty tiles?nyatuh..RM RMRMRM. gulp!
                                              the master bedroom from outside..
                                                               rear it worth with rm238800 price? =P