Friday, 23 December 2011

home sweet home

as an old saying that home is different with a house. house is a place where we can stay in but home is where your heart is.this is my home (actually not mine,coz it is still in it half-way progress,whilst it is a friend of mine, but mine one is similar to this one..and its cost me about rm238 800..with 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets, 40' x 70' friend said it was expensive but what to do since i only found this is the cheapest semiD house  that found in Kuantan, other such as bukit rangin and bandar putra cost about rm320k above and my max loan only up to with insurance and what not my loan was about rm 245k..lately the price of houses in malaysia increase tremendously so by hook or by crook i have to find out asap before the price increase even higher, i hope this is the righteous decision that my husband and i ever made..just cant wait to stay in our own house to rise our children and we are expecting to get the house key around november 2012..

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  1. so, u decide to stay at Kuantan forever? btw, congrate because u'll have your house soon! the pic was nice & i believe, the same goes to your house..