Sunday, 8 June 2014

you nourish me with luv

Allah has bestowed me with so much happiness in my life.Alhamdulillah thanks God for blessing me with...
an understanding husband...

a cheerful kid

a gorgeous n handful mother

a profession
and invaluable muhammad atiqullah n nur al insyirah.

so in luv with bawal aj

bawal aj become a viral is cool.any comment?

al insyirah turn 9 month now

time flies so fast n baby insyirah turn to 9month now

 guess who is this?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

my kitchen cabinet!!

                               kitchen cabinet.. table top cost about rm1700. fotile hob n hood rm1950. cabinet with softclosed door rm total near to rm u think it worth the price?so literally inluv with fotile provided with touch screen speed controler,timer,light etc..

the satisfaction is there.thinking of to buy a few more aksesori heeee