Thursday, 31 October 2013

atiqullah vs eczema

it has been century since the last time i open n write this yes.its due to commitment n i was in my many things happened in mylife recently make me so vulnurable n it is so tiring.God has bestowed me with so many happiness in my life personally.first we got a new babygirl,al-insyirah.she's so cute i guess,her crept into our life really cuddle up our days.

then i got new house key n followed with my husband graduation day as he completed doing his we enjoy the happiness,it seemingly  start
 to walked away from me.i felt like i was in the low ebb in as low as low it can really be. .atiqullah was diagnosed with eczema.perhaps he allergic with dust that we believe due to new environment of the house.the RAST cost about rm1800 in private clinic which leave us to think twice b4 decide to do the test. (as we already used about rm25k to get into new house+ my labour at privare hospital cost about $2300).of course money has become a big issues many renovation in our neighbourhood indeed poisoning the we know that eczema related to immune system of one's body.atiqullah just got 3month breastmilk when he was born(i must confess that its all due to my stupidity in appreciating n therefore handling the breast milk)thus we jump into conclusion that atiqullah was contaminated with dust frm cement n metal.we did visit several clinic b4 refer atiqullah to specialist.the medicine prescribed were all contains steroid to treat eczema.i used to try steroid freeproduct like moogoo but it doesnt work.a part from that. the frequency of scrathing is unbelievable n it getting worsen.from my reading once the skin already familiar with steroid. to switch to new product without steroid.patient need to bear with TSW( tropical steroid withdrawal) which require patient n sacrifice.  really dont want atiqullah depend on steroid for the entire of her life in treating eczema.some says that it was kayap on atiqullah body thus we visit a few people who can treat kayap.that person told us that its not literally a kayap n she believe that atiqullah has to do something with 'jin' n what not.we hv done everything we could just to see atiqullah ok from scratching all over his body.i think the cost to treat atiqullah near to meet husband n i really lack of sleep n it has been like this for 2 month already.hardly know when all of this will over.but the endless support from family n husband really help me to fight the situation n we believe there must be a blessing in disguise.its already 3weeks niw in myhometown to let my mother in law treat atiqullah herself.i was so lucky to have such a helpful n concern mother in law like mama.she treated atiqullah with all her longing,love,& care.i loves her for alhamdulillah atiqullah was about 60% of his recovery.basically now completing his antibiotic n still depend on steroid.i do hope atiqullah may return to his original skin and we return to a happy feeling once more shaa Allah

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