Saturday, 27 October 2012

home progress

my home from the main door. should think of something to hide the dinning from the straight view of guest. u can straight away see the dinning n the kitchen once u push the main door.omg!

                                             the sliding door was taken from the dining. i choose this side in order to get the shade of afternoon. so that baby Atiqullah will play there with his friend.
 this picture was taken from the dinning hall.see the main door?on the right hand side was the master was about the size of living room.. really..think of build in down-light but not very sure the effectiveness since the ceiling of the house is quite high. any suggestion friend?
 this is my small sized kitchen, L-shape with 10' x 8' long..looking forward to buy kitchen cabinet using maica glossy with red colour. i doubt the black-tile concrete table top will match the color.i already surveyed a few places to get the quotation, the classic kitchen require $ 7k if i use the maica glossy material. will get another quotation from a craft, dapur idaman and total kitchen.n i personally think that the window is a bit low.afraid that the sink will not be up to my height.fuh sakit pinggang weh basuh dishes if sink rendah!
                                                    this is awesome, isnt it?

 the front look of my sweet home. its the only semiD house that affordable for me to buy. is it worth with $238 800 price?
my house will be painted with this color, i like. do u?cant wait..just really cant wait to get into the house...probably this coming january. hope so...

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