Monday, 21 May 2012

life is so meaningful

i must admit that without u my dear darling husband and little atiqullah,ummi really cant go on with the life.
                                                                at taman gelora

                                               i admire you of being so inquisitive, adorable and so lovable..

                                  your smile, and your strong affection towards me,indeed  regaining my strength
                                                         you are my everything

Atiqullah anak harapan ummi,jadilah anak yg soleh dan taat dan kelak mendoakan kesejahteraan ummi dan abah..

we love you so and very much......
soon u raise and read this writing, the diary of my soul, my hope ummi and abah  are forever love you..from the very bottom of our heart ...


  1. Miss u sis n atiq~ i have deactivate my account fb... kak na tag ke adik kecik neh gambar2~ comey atiq... xsaba nk tgk!!!!

  2. Glad that u have a blissful life.. May happinesd be yours forever