Wednesday, 30 November 2011

student oh student

assalamualaikum..hope everyone is in good health,i hv nothing to blab except this thing and for me its something that we hv to share,we have to tell, maybe some people didnt know or realize,or maybe know but just simply ignore the fact..since my son is sleeping soundly now,housework all done,i want to use this opportunity to share my opinion about a students nowadays..i think its kind of trend,(im talking about girl student, actually educating girls student is more complicated than boys)most of my student wear a very singkat tudung until we could see her neck and most of them buat toncit/sanggul yang tggi as if they got a very long hair which is couldn't be hidden anymore (its kindda show off and kindda thing), it's very irritating to see this kind of fashion and it's killing me. according to religious talk that i followed,pd zaman jahiliyah dahulu,the prostitude use this kind of trend to lure the costumer,if we're copying this fashion it's just like showing no diffrerent between us and them,what the heck of wearing tudung if u want to show ur neck?please my dear student,i am not good at giving religious speech but i have to tell the truth in my way..common,life in this world is not that long,please use the precious time to gain as much pahala as possible and reduce those bad things.maybe some people dont like my opinion,this is my blog and i've my right to say..

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